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the plasticity of oak trees

Subject: the plasticity of oak trees
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Jun 28 2020 11:00:55
Dear All,

I was intrigued by a series of oak trees growing along the edge of a tidal
estuary.  I have known these trees since I was a child, but never really
thought about what I was looking at.  However, looking at them through an
arborists eyes, they are very strange indeed; they have slumped under their
wight/gravitational load, as the bank has been eroded beneath them, and
changed shape; the oldest now have their bases some 3m below the original
level; the trees' buttresses and root systems changing shape under load,
whilst keeping the trees upright.

I'm hoping that this time you will be able to view the photos in this flickr
album I've set up for the purpose; the photos are described 1,2 etc with
brief descriptions.

See link below.

 Trees are a constant surprise!



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