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RE: Hidden defects

Subject: RE: Hidden defects
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 23 2020 11:32:07
<<There’s a big difference between survey, inspection and Risk Assessment.>>

Hi Jon

Indeed there is.  The words 'hidden' 'defect', 'survey', or 'inspection' 
aren't mentioned in any VALID's Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies.  As 
the strategy is setting out how the duty holder is going to manage the risk, 
these words aren't relevant to how the risk is assessed.

I'm going to pen an article making a case for why tree inspection should be 
made redundant and replaced with tree risk assessment.  For the most part, 
the only reason you're inspecting a tree is to assess the risk, so let's make 
it clear and transparent that's what is going on.

Tree inspection seems to have become something beyond a reasonable, 
proportionate, and reasonably practicable assessment of the risk.  It's 
become an expenditure sapping exercise on the part of the duty holder for an 
Arborist to record lots and lots of detail that's not necessary.  Tree 
inspection can also be an albatross around the neck of the Arborist, 
decorated with risk-averse objectives like trying to find 'hidden defects'.  
What about the 'hidden defects' that you didn't find?  In the extremely 
unlikely event of a risk being realised, surely that can only mean your tree 
inspection wasn't thorough enough and you were negligent.


Acer Ventura

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