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New driveway close to trees

Subject: New driveway close to trees
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Jul 23 2020 22:01:01
I'm not sure if I've asked this question before...

I've a client who wishes to construct a drop kerb at the public footpath to 
his house and extend into a proposed car park area in his front garden. There 
are a couple of early-mature limes (40 yrs) either side of the proposal. The 
new entrance will impact the RPA of both trees. The car park area is outside 
the RPA.

Any ideas on how to prevent compaction and root severance would be useful. 
Can we offer a sympathetic hand dig and geotextile membrane along with porous 
tarmac, (considering that site supervision will take place), or is it a 
no-no? Planners are dubious as one would expect...


PS. Jim.... I've stolen your Covid-19 statement below, which tends to comfort 
my clients... many thanks!

Paul Hawksford
Principal Arboriculturist

COVID-19   Arboricultural Site Visits Protocol

As trees are outside, we will continue to visit sites to assess them as part 
of our normal work and particularly where a risk assessment is necessary. 
However, we cannot access them if we need to pass through any sort of 
occupied building. We would need to access to a rear garden through a side 
gate, not a garage or other outbuilding. Clearly discussion with the client 
is essential, but we must insist that a distance between us of 2.5 metres is 
maintained, this is so that any inadvertent closure is more likely to 
maintain the Government’s recommended 2 metres. We will not accept physical 
paperwork by hand on site, so the use of such material must be anticipated 
beforehand or sent afterwards and the appropriate electronic transference 
method used.  We do not want to accept documents sent through the post, but 
if that is unavoidable for any reason, be advised that we will open the 
envelope wearing clinical latex gloves and spray the documents on both sides 
with sterilising spray - this is likely to cause a deterioration in quality. 
If for whatever reason a document must be accepted on site, we will ask that 
it be laid out on a flat and dry surface so we can photograph it. The client 
will place the document on the surface and step back for the photograph to be 
taken. If the document is of multiple pages, this process will be repeated 
for each page.

For commercial site visits, particularly for arboricultural site supervision, 
we will not enter the site cabin and the 2.5-metre person separation distance 
must be maintained at all times. If any new drawings are to be seen, if they 
cannot be sent electronically either before or after the site visit, they 
will need to be photographed using the method described above.

The COVID-19 virus is beyond our experience and these measures are the most 
pragmatic to protect us and the client alike.  If any part of this protocol 
cannot be observed then regretfully we must decline to visit.

We appreciate your understanding.

16 Ballydonaghy Road
County Antrim
BT29 4EP

M: +44 (0)7746 XXXXXX


John McNamara
Assistant Arboriculturist

24 Millers Lane


County Antrim

BT29 4PP

M: +44 (0)7455 XXX XXX


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