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Drive-by/Windshield Tree Risk Assessment

Subject: Drive-by/Windshield Tree Risk Assessment
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 24 2020 06:41:17

Here's the first draft of a Drive-by/Windshield Tree Risk Assessment that's
open for comments on here or via email. As ever, it's all on one side of
paper, and this one has got section and paragraph numbers to make
referencing easier.  It can be downloaded from the website's News page here.

Some of you may remember I asked around to see whether anyone had a Drive-by
Assessment specification they could share ages ago. It turns out there
weren't any. There were plenty of strategies that said they do Drive-bys,
but none said how they did them.

By way of explanation, it's to be carried out in zones of high confluence =
high use + mature trees. With VALID, high-use is an occupancy of 1400 or
more vehicles a day - the speed limit of the road doesn't matter. For
people, we're looking at someone passing about every minute or so between
7am - 7pm, Mon - Fri, which is around 1200 per day.  You, of course, can
define whatever level of occupancy you want to carry it out.  You're not
obliged to follow this tree risk-benefit assessment and management model to
use it.

This draft is from work already done with State Roads (Tasmanian
Government), and I'll check with them to see whether they're okay sharing
their Traffic Management Plan. The Traffic Management Plan is really
important because the risk of assessing trees on a high-use road is much
higher than the risk of branches or trees falling on a high-use road.

I'll see how it evolves based on what State Roads come back with, and any
other comments, and then to share the final version under the creative
commons license.


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