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RE: [EXTERNAL] RE: Felling Licence - Judicial revue

Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] RE: Felling Licence - Judicial revue
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jul 24 2020 16:54:18
You had me worried there Ron, that someone had changed the 2012 regulations
- they don't read as you have quoted (or at least not on my old copy, nor on The final sentence has come from the online guidance
which tweaks the wording every so slightly from "area of woodland" to
"woodland". The difference may be of no significance, but I wonder whether
it refers only to the woodland components of a TPO or anything that might be
interpreted to be woodland, even if groups, areas or individual trees are
protected by the TPO.


Of course, if  you were doing anything significant in a woodland with a TPO
you would be applying for a felling licence in the first place so the FC
would have judged whether the Standard had been met, or not. 


I have no doubt that the Forestry Standard is the beast that should be used
to judge "good" forestry...but it is not referred to in the regulations!


As for continuing on a post with review spelt revue, I don't know what the
world is coming to..



This all reminds me of the little clause in the 2012 tree protection 

regulations S.17:


"An authority dealing with an application relating to woodland 'MUST' grant 

consent so far as accords with good forestry practice unless it is satisfied

that the granting of consent would fail to secure the maintenance of the 

special character of the woodland or the woodland character of the area. The

UK Forestry Standard and its supporting guidelines define the government's 

standards and requirements."




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