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RE: Hidden defects

Subject: RE: Hidden defects
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 27 2020 14:16:05
<<I'm not sure that there's much need for a discussion on semantics.  To my 
mind our job is to look at a tree carefully (inspection) and assess any 
potential defects or symptoms of defects (assessment) to quantify - to the 
best of our ability - the risk.  It's all part of the same process.  However, 
we do need to find the potential defects in order to be able to assess them.>>

I'm sure there's absolutely nothing I agree with here.

Thanks.  It's been a useful further exploration of what I think is 
risk-averse, hazard-driven thinking that often comes with managing secondary 
risk (the risk of a claim against the 'inspector') with hindsight bias.  
Rather than managing the primary risk (from tree failure) which the duty 
holder is responsible for.  It demonstrates why the duty holder having a 
strategy that tells us what 'our job is', is so important.


Acer Ventura

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