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Ageing Fungal Brackets

Subject: Ageing Fungal Brackets
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 29 2020 07:59:40
How old is this fungal bracket?

One, two, five years old?

Some of you might be interested in this short section from an article I
published on LinkedIn.  The article is about what appears to be rotten at
the roots of the expert evidence in a UK court Judgment known as Cavanagh v
Witley Parish Council.  This bit is from the ageing fungal brackets part.
I'm looking to hone the pieces for this Winter's edition of the AA's ARB


You can't count pore tube layers, like the candles on a birthday cake, to
accurately age a fungal bracket. Perennial fungal brackets don't grow like
trees that produce an annual ring each year. They often produce a new layer
of pore tubes with each growth spurt. This can happen once, twice, maybe
several times a year. Some years there's no growth. Other years there's
growth but just the darker brown flesh and no pore tube layer. Those of you
who may have heard anecdotal evidence that you can age fungal brackets like
this, don't take my word for it. We can ask someone who's an internationally
renowned mycologist with particular expertise in decay fungi.

"Layers of pores/tubes on perennial brackets of fungi cannot be reliably
used to judge age, because there is not necessarily just one new set per
year. There could be several, or perhaps even no new pores"

Professor Lynne Boddy, Cardiff University


Photo credit - David Humphries


Acer Ventura


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