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RE: Serving a new TPO on a development site whilst a planning application is being considered

Subject: RE: Serving a new TPO on a development site whilst a planning application is being considered
From: Andrew Jones
Date: Aug 14 2020 07:50:26

<<I firmly believe that if LPAs actually did what they were supposed to do, 
that is develop a structured system of amenity valuation, and publish it and 
stick to it, I could say to worried developers "the LPA won't protect these 
trees as they're not going to meet the TPO threshold," I would then find it 
easier to say to clients "don't preemptively fell trees." I have had exactly 
that conversation this morning.>>

I totally agree with the above. I have lots of old (Pre-forestry Act) 
Woodland TPOs - the Forestry Act has probably afforded sufficient protections 
from deforestation for these woodlands for more than 50 years, some very 
dubious pre-hedgerow regs 'Group' designations made to protected hedgerows 
(yes, I know) and the seemingly obligatory pre-development 'Area' 
designations- but can I get adequate resource to 'manage' these old 
TPOs....not a chance in the current climate...

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