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Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep

Subject: Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Sep 07 2020 12:03:38
I can't off-hand think of any other cause than vegetation that might result in seasonal movement sufficient to cause structural damage (although I suppose surface drying of the soil could cause some movement with very shallow foundations)  On the other hand at 30cm, grass, in fact more or less any//vegetation could dry out the soil. So perhaps what they really meant was 'soil drying by trees' rather that 'vegetation'?

However, as 'in this case they are not' it's all a bit hypothetical!

On 07/09/2020 12:04, "" ( wrote:
Dear all,
I came across this unexpected sentence in a recent subsidence report and 
wondered what they were trying to say:
"Where vegetation is involved it produces a characteristic 'seasonal' pattern of foundation 
movement (subsidence through the summer, recovery through the winter); no other cause 
produces a similar pattern. If it is occurring - soil drying by vegetation must be involved, 
unless the foundations are less than 300mm in depth, which in this case they are not."
Any thoughts?


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