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Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep

Subject: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Sep 07 2020 12:15:05


There is nothing magic/noteworthy about 300 mm deep foundations.


What I expect they are trying to say is that seasonal movement in a property
should be less the deeper the foundations. With shallow foundations some
seasonal movement can be expected & identifying the cause of that movement
with shallow foundations can sometimes be problematic.


a.      Would the same or similar movement have occurred without the trees?
b.      Will removal of the trees solve the problem i.e. reduce the seasonal
movement to within acceptable limits?


"no other cause produces a similar pattern"....well I wouldn't state this
definitely related to a 300 mm foundation. It depends what the structure is
so a light weight structure such as a garage might move seasonally on a
500mm foundation without any trees..whether that is a problem or not depends
upon the structure and whether it can put up with the differential movement.




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