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Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep

Subject: Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Sep 07 2020 13:50:35
Fair enough Jon - but I was just trying to interpret what the anonymous writer that Trevor quoted might have meant! For myself, I've tended to use the phrase 'woody vegetation' in relation to subs.

On 07/09/2020 13:36, Jon Heuch wrote:
It's not just trees's just that arbs who are not involved with
routine subs cases don't get involved, and in most cases the engineer will
diagnose the problem and initiate the necessary works without reference to
an arboriculturist at all.



Privet hedges

And a variety of other shrubs & climbers - some common, some less so - can
cause differential movement in (potentially) weak structures, especially if
well-developed/unmanaged & very close to the structure. The effects of large
trees are certainly more dramatic and cover much larger areas.

Thus it is better to talk of vegetation rather than just trees.


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