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Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep

Subject: Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Sep 08 2020 17:19:01
"Whether we like it or not inadequate foundations is rarely a good defence
if the property is on a clay soil with a cyclical pattern of movement"

I don't see any logic in this statement Liam; why bother with foundations
at all? If the foundation is not adequate for the soil type, doesn't meet
spec, (specification) it's not really fair to even call it a foundation.
However if the foundation does meet the spec and still moves then yes
remove the tree, and hope that another one doesn't grow. Notwithstanding
the fact that if the foundation meets spec and still the building cracks
then the spec must have been wrong.

I'm not saying your quotation isn't an accurate summary of what happens,
just that it's not really logical, and certainly not fair. Jerry has summed
it up really eloquently in my opinion.

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