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Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep

Subject: Re: Subsidence where foundations less than 300mm deep
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Sep 11 2020 08:35:24


I attempt to bite my tongue, not be baited by your questions and queries or
at least simply desist from emailing but I fear I must be addicted to uktc.


You resist "authorities" but you want to learn from individuals assisting by
a specific quote from a primary source (peer-reviewed research).


Well you can start here (I've just picked a few papers immediately found on
my computer - I've tried to give it an international spread so you don't
think we're in a different world here in England (although listening to our
politicians I think we currently are): 


1.      Do trees really cause so much damage to property?
Christopher Overbeke   Journal of Building Appraisal (2008) 3, 247 - 258


Case Study of Courtyard House Damaged by Expansive Soils Jie Li1 and Donald
A. Cameron


3.      J. Perform. Constr. Facil.  Field Investigation and Numerical
Analysis of Residential Building Damaged by Expansive Soil Movement Caused
by Tree Root Drying Jie Li, Ph.D.1; and Lei Guo


4.      Desiccation of soil by vegetation and potential interaction with
buildings  - a fi eld study GE Blight  Journal of the South African
Institution of Civil Engineering . Volume 20 51 Number 2 October 2009




You might prefer this one however, Wayne as the author is the person you
warmed to on the video you watched



5.      Trees and soil recovery Richard Driscoll 2007 Structural Survey



It starts "As long ago as 1841 it was known that trees can cause movements
of adjacent ground if the soil contains appreciable quantities of clay."




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