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Subject: Tree Lady Talks Podcasts
From: Sharon Durdant-Hollamby
Date: Sep 11 2020 11:02:16
Dear Arbs!
Sometimes we have a hard time being heard (thanks for your comments about
The Times letter recently), and to that end, we have a podcast series on
all forums and available

I appreciate that it might not be appropriate to reach out to you about the
podcast on the forum and fully respect your views, but these podcasts are
free to you, with no adverts, and bring together different people to share

So far we have interviews with John Parker (all things Arb and Green
Equity), Jon Ryan (Islington Arb manager and how Green Equity is being
addressed with i-tree), 2 foresters who have reached beyond their industry
to encourage others, a Development and Nature special (developer, arb, eco,
landscape architect and a builder implementing an AMS) and the latest one
is Mental Health and Nature special (Dr Matilda van den Bosch, Dr Punam
Krishan  - GP from BBC, Clare Olver - The Mersey Forest, A guided forest
bather, and 5 members of the public). Out today.

Future podcasts include:  how the much needed urban green spaces will be
delivered (Cecil van den Bosch and Johan Ostberg), veternisation (Vikki), a
TDAG and professional collaboration special, a Tree Aid special and many,
many more ideas floating around in our heads...

Is this for you? What do you think? What would you like to hear? Do you
want to write a review?  We want to reach outside of our industry and so
far our stats and global outreach is good.  If you want to listen, I
suggest you download as the specials are over an hour long.  Available on
your usual platforms. Bear in mind this is done on Zoom, and the quality is
not top notch due to this, but our production is greatly improving with
each podcast.

If you want me never to post about the podcast on this forum again, just
let me know.  We get nothing from this financially, only the pleasure of
speaking to fantastic people who we are grateful to for sharing out time.

Thanks for your time

best wishes


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