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RE: Lock down blues, Shaun of the dead etc....

Subject: RE: Lock down blues, Shaun of the dead etc....
Date: Sep 11 2020 20:33:24
I too did not view AGM and was unable to login, maybe because I was late 


Hi Bill,
No, I forgot about the Zoom AGM too - I presume we can log into the AA 
website to watch it maybe?

Yes, I missed going to conference too this week, always a good 3 days away 
catching up with everyone you don't see for the rest of the year.

And you are probably right about it not being held next year too - ho hum.


On Fri, 11 Sep 2020, 17:42 Bill Anderson, <>

I'm feeling slightly mournful about it all; this would have been the 
week of the conference, and the way things are looking at the moment, 
it seems there's a chance it won't happen next year either. I always 
enjoy meeting up with my fellow Arbs, even if the beer is invariably 
And I entirely failed to register the AA's AGM on Zoom this week; did 
anybody  log on? has anybody anything to report?


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