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Tree-Related Death or Injury | Media Statement

Subject: Tree-Related Death or Injury | Media Statement
From: David Evans
Date: Sep 15 2020 07:19:52
This might be of interest to some of you.


I've been working on a media statement to be released by a duty holder in
the rare event of someone being killed or seriously injured by a tree.  This
is likely to be of most interest to those of you who manage risk on behalf
of a government agency or public attraction to pass onto your legal and
public relations team.


The first draft is now ready for wider circulation and comment.  Attached is
Page 1, which sets out the reasons.  I don't think circulating the actual
media statement on a public forum is a good idea.  If you'd like a copy of
the whole document, please email me.


The usual criteria apply to this as part of being a not-for-profit.
Copyright is waived and it's released under a creative commons license.




Acer Ventura

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