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RE: Planning and safety

Subject: RE: Planning and safety
From: Alastair Durkin
Date: Sep 23 2020 15:00:35
I think the thing to remember is that trees are a material consideration 
within the planning process, but what weight is given to each material 
consideration will be balanced against every other [sometimes competing] 

So, some belter of a BS5837 'A' cat tree in the neighbour's garden that is 
visible from multiple viewpoints or is a veteran, or important for some other 
planning reason may be attributed lots of weight, and a TPO made, conditions 
applied, or even the whole scheme thrown out if the tree will be harmed 
without such measures - depending on the planning balance and specific 
policies of the LPA. On the other hand if the tree is a BS5837 'C' cat then 
little weight might be attributed to it as a material consideration. If 
little weight is applied then it might not be reasonable or proportionate to 
impose conditions to protect the tree. As others have said, it is down to the 
applicant to exercise their duty of care. Just because the LPA grants 
permission doesn't mean the applicant is bound to build it in any way- that 
is their choice and their liability.  


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