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Re: Translocation of Herbicide/Chemicals no longer approved

Subject: Re: Translocation of Herbicide/Chemicals no longer approved
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Sep 23 2020 17:15:59
Hi Andrew - I think you mean Dax
"Drax is a brutish, battle-tested warrior. A former intergalactic criminal, Drax has no interest in money, only avenging his slain family and uses his super strength and combat skills to destroy any enemies of the galaxy. "  ( ) Dax (who as you say still market Rootout) is a slightly different kettle of fish (By way of a historical footnote, back in the day we used to sprinkle a small amount of the dry powder onto the fresh stump and cover it to stop it washing out before it was absorbed, which generally only took a day or two. So no problem with rotting of sprayers)

On 23/09/2020 16:54, wrote:
On Tue, 22 Sep 2020 at 18:03,
<> wrote:
           There were a number of chemicals which either had ingredients 
changed or are no longer made due to changes in chemical regs and cost of 
testing , these were things like renadene (not sure about spelling ) a 
repellent for deer and rabbits.
Renardine to deter renards from pheasant pens, made from fish guts
IIRC. Drax rootout is still available,, as mentioned, as a compost
accelerant but when used as a spray it rotted out the steel bits of a


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