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Re: Translocation of Herbicide/Chemicals no longer approved

Subject: Re: Translocation of Herbicide/Chemicals no longer approved
From: ajheggie
Date: Sep 23 2020 22:11:03
On Wed, 23 Sep 2020 at 18:15, Jerry Ross <> wrote:

Hi Andrew - I think you mean Dax

Yes, thanks for the correction.

(By way of a historical footnote, back in the day we used to sprinkle a
small amount of the dry powder onto the fresh stump and cover it to stop
it washing out before it was absorbed, which generally only took a day
or two. So no problem with rotting of sprayers)

We would slice an inch off the stump, run the tip of the saw around as
near the inside of the cambium as we could to 1/4" depth , fill this
channel with the powder and then use a couple of roofing nails to hold
the slice as a cover. Still better than applying ecoplugs to litter
the landscape in 20 years. The spray was for small sycamore stumps
after a clearfell of secondary woodland as a  pre planting treatment
for softwood plantation, as late as 1984 IIRC.


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