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Re: Disgruntled client

Subject: Re: Disgruntled client
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Sep 29 2020 08:56:10
Well, god knows, we all need to keep ourselves cheerful!

On 29/09/2020 09:49, John Hearne wrote:
He's actually quite pragmatic about his refusal of consent and I think is
just keeping himself amused and cheerful. He has far more serious and
worrying issues on his plate at the moment and he has his tree concerns
firmly in perspective.


On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 9:13 AM Jerry Ross <> wrote:

Day-brightening perhaps. But the sub-text is... what??
That trees with decay should be felled irrespective of their location?
That someone is 'to blame' when a tree that shows no symptoms 'goes over'?
That all the other nearby trees which (annoyingly) show a similar
absence of symptoms should be felled?

I admire his style but question his subject matter. Perhaps the writer
should confine his pensées amusantes to more straightforward issues of
public concern, such pubs closing at 10 o'clock or bags of dog faeces
hung up in hedges. It's not as if the modern world is short of matters
ripe for satire

On 29/09/2020 07:54, John Hearne wrote:
I thought I'd share a couple of emails from a client who has been refused
consent to fell his honey fungus infected Oak. They brightened my day.

1st email:

Must tell you - do you recall I mentioned to you that I have been
watching a couple of oaks at Pamphill, and which appeared to my
untrained eye inclined to disease?

You do?  Wonderful.

Well, one of them has fallen over.

I'll try to send you some pics tomorrow, but it is awfully interesting:
the tree was in full leaf when it fell and looked quite healthy in terms
of the amount of leaf it was producing, although it also had obvious
bark damage at the base to the extent of a quite large hole and where
(so my grand-daughter informed me) Mister Foxy lived.  I'm not sure
about that, as I think he moved to a small housing estate just outside
Newbury some years ago and is currently undergoing trans-sexual rehab
with a partner named Ferret.

However, and be that as it may - I digress.

A nearby notice records that it was afflicted with Honey Fungus, and
other fungi of the conjecturally damned.

The fact of the matter is that it has gorn over.  A dog-walker there
told me that it had gone over of its own accord and no tree surgical
assistance was required.  Another tree nearby has been felled because of
the presence of various fungi according to another National Trust
Proclamation and there is considerable evidence of large broken limbs of
various trees there and in the woods thereabouts.

2nd email:

FYI:    Please find attached some pics of a small (beech, I think?) tree
which offered a lady staying in a caravan just outside Blandford on
Friday last the amenity of falling upon her, the caravan, a dog and her
I spoke to one of the other caravanners there and he said that it was
not particularly windy when it fell and that it looked in much the same
condition as the others around it.

The lady apparently had the further amenity of being removed from the
wreckage by firemen and taken to Southampton hospital by air-ambulance.
I don't know her condition.

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