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RE: Staining/Exudent on ash

Subject: RE: Staining/Exudent on ash
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Sep 29 2020 11:07:27
You might want to go onto arbrtalk and read some of the experiences of
removing dead & dying ash..if you can't fell it or use a cherry picker you
might want to consider an early removal. And if you could fell it, there are
tales of pieces travelling if they fall to the ground. I wouldn't want to
use the word "exploding" but it gives you a picture of what might happen.


I think the risk during removal becomes a more significant issue than the
risk of tree & branch failure before that point..although leave it long
enough & you can have both together. It's one of the reasons why the
Ministry of Defence & Surrey Wildlife Trust have clear felled live ash prior
to waiting for tree death.




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