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Sheffield Saga

Subject: Sheffield Saga
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Oct 16 2020 16:31:01
Be careful the newspaper link below says they will show you 5 articles free,
but  you only get 3 before you have to register.


A senior councillor says Sheffield Council is "deeply sorry" for the street
tree controversy and claims it was not caused by one single individual. Well
that's all right then...the whole lot of them were to a new
councillor gives the apology & the leader is too busy with COVID to get
involved.  "How we got to the position of Rustlings Road is confusing and
makes no sense to me..."  So have they learnt any lessons?


So the apology is on the council website...well you try finding it...I
couldn't! No returns from Ombudsman, Robshaw (the name of the complainant),
trees, streets ahead, press, media, apology..looks as it is well buried, if
there at all.


As for the private apology, apparently the chap initiating the complaint is
no longer with us, so it has to go to the family.


Easier to find some details of where things have got to, although no signs
of it being current




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