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RE: TPO top trumps

Subject: RE: TPO top trumps
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Oct 20 2020 15:25:55


We could go round in circles here.


Section 1 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 reads:


Local planning authorities: are ..the council (cutting out a few
words)..that is the council of councillors. Councillors have to consider the
whole, whilst individual council employees may be tasked with specialist
tasks whether that be planning or tree management or whatever else.


Surely, Reg 15 is there so that Councils (as tree owners) do not need to
give themselves (as local planning authority) 6 weeks written notice of
their intention to undertake works to trees they own in Conservation Areas?
The assumption I assume is that councils are grown-ups and would sort out
any basic internal disagreements between tree managers and planning officers
without having to put their dirty laundry into the public domain? That's why
councils make plans (or should do) so these sorts of things such as
conflicts of ideas are anticipated. The silo mentality of tree managers and
planning officers as described seems to be a retreat into bureaucracy and to
blame the law is simply wrong.


All Reg 15 states is that S211 does not apply to local planning authorities
and since much of s211 has disappeared all it says is that if you do works
to a tree in a conservation area without authorisation you're guilty of an
offence i.e. the council could prosecute  the council. Which part of the
council would do the prosecution? That's a great use of public resources &
it wouldn't occur, would it?




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