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Re: Holm oak tolerance to hard pruning

Subject: Re: Holm oak tolerance to hard pruning
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Oct 21 2020 10:13:01
While requesting no smart comments about innuendo, how hard is 'hard' ?

I wouldn't expect a holm oak to respond well to pollarding (at least if it's at all mature); and if moderately severe pruning doesn't kill it but subsequent regrowth leaves it looking awful, would that constitute a 'poor' response?

However, with regard to your question, is there ANY specific research that covers the range of species in the AA guide, as opposed to the collected experience of professionals that I assume that list is based on? (I see the guide was co-authored by Alastair Durkin, of this parish, so perhaps he can comment...)

On 21/10/2020 10:53, Jasper Fulford-Dobson wrote:
The Arb Assoc state that holm oak shows "poor" tolerance to hard pruning in 
their Guide to Tree Pruning leaflet. Does anyone know of any specific research that 
supports this as my experience generally suggests otherwise? Thanks in advance.

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