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Natives vs future

Subject: Natives vs future
From: Brynley Andrews
Date: Oct 22 2020 07:50:24
Dear all

I am involved in a large scale farm woodland planting scheme.

The FC favour high performance carbon/timber/eco species, and the ANOB/LA
landscape planners favour traditional species to form traditional landscape

There is considerable overlap potential but the FC seem to be more inline
with modern thinking. And arguably the LA/ANOB are part of the old failed

Also, The landowner intends to eventually run a sawmill on the Eatate.

I am proposing a highly diverse mix of 50/50 exotics & natives as suits the
soil/climate/objectives - with special emphasis on targeting habitat for
priority fauna species.

It is a fun project & I welcome your input.



Brynley Arboriculturist / urban forester

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