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Garden within the RPA of a veteran tree

Subject: Garden within the RPA of a veteran tree
From: Nick Hellis
Date: Oct 22 2020 13:51:16

Good afternoon all.

The NPPF states, ‘planningpermission should be refused for development resulting in the loss ordeterioration of irreplaceable habitats, including ancient woodland and theloss of aged or veteran trees found outside ancient woodland, unless the needfor, and benefits of, the development in that location clearly outweigh theloss.’

Does a proposed garden, for a new dwelling, within the RPA of a veteran tree constitute 'loss or deterioration of irreplaceable habitat'. The area of the garden will be less than 10% of the RPA. The RPA, in it's entirety, will be fenced off during the construction activity and only removed post primary construction to erect a boundary fence in the RPA. No soft landscaping is proposed.



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