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Re: Green roofs and overhanging trees.

Subject: Re: Green roofs and overhanging trees.
From: Tahir Sharif
Date: Oct 27 2020 14:49:21
Any leaves that accumulate on ours get blown into the gaps between the end of the planted bit and the edge of the roof. I have a friend whose house is surrounded by trees and his DIY green roof was doing fine at it's 20th anniversary a couple of years ago. There are plenty of invertebrates in ours but I've never seen a worm

I can't imagine plants being blown away by a leaf blower


On 27/10/2020 14:31, Bill Anderson wrote:
The client's problem (or non-problem?) is being told to rake the leaves off
twice a year. I thought the answer would be to stick a ladder up and then
just blow the things off with a leaf blower, but then would that blow the
plants themselves off? I suspect there's a potential problem in that they
might have to get a contractor in (how many households have space to keep
ladders these days?) and if it's twice a year it starts to look expensive
for someone who thinks they're just doing it to satisfy a Council-generated
And would a dense mulch of leaves on an area where there are no lurking
worms to help get rid of them be quite as straightforward as a mulch in a
lot of grass? Do green roofs have worms? And for that matter, do leaves
actually accumulate on flat roofs? Or does the elevation mean they get
blown off more than might be expected?
Questions, questions....

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