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tree id please

Subject: tree id please
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Oct 30 2020 16:44:05
Dear all,

Please see attached photo; 

foliage and fruit from a medium-sized tee (~12m high x 50cm dbh; one of a
pair) at Killerton, Devon - lots of interesting rare stuff there! 

Leaves hang down; shiny upper surface, glabrous beneath; no tufts of hair in
vein axils; leaves 7-10cm long x 3-5 wide; long acuminate; forward serrate,
green petiole 20-25mm long. Veins arise from midrib unevenly; about 12
'pairs' of bigger veins; smaller veins arise between each pair of main veins
either side of midrib.  Bud small dark brown, (terminal bud 5mm; side ones
2-3mm); opposite pairs of bud scales. Fruit 15mm across, globular, olive
green background with beige raised lenticels; on 1cm stalk. Flower scar on
bottom a slightly depressed circular hollow, 3mm across, darker brown than
the lenticels.  Seeds inside black, the fruit structure very like a
miniature apple, with seeds in core sheathed in transparent hard sheath, and
flesh surrounding the core; lots of stone cells in the flesh.

On tree, branches narrowly ascending from low down on trunk;  bark fairly
smooth, pale grey/green - similar colour to lenticels on fruit.

Definitely Rosaceous by the fruit. No sign of autumn colour yet.


Any suggestions welcomed!



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