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Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........

Subject: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Nov 18 2020 22:22:09
Found 10m up a (very recently fallen) dead oak tree had been dead for years;
upper branches with undecayed heartwood, and balsa-wood strength (or weaker)
decayed sapwood - dead upper canopy branches, under the bark, intricately
laced with Armillaria rhizomorphs; tree had only been about 15m tall, max. I
suppose they just follow gradients of humidity and moisture/chemical signals
from plants, and I know that there is a whole range of strategies from
full-on pathogen to saprophyte; but I do wonder what is the evolutionary
advantage of climbing a tree whose sapwood would probably already have been
colonised by the same clone of the fungus..




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