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Re: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........

Subject: Re: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Nov 19 2020 11:38:25
Rhizomorphs are essentially organs (if that's the right word) of transport; it's the mycelium that feeds. If there are live rhizomorphs, the fungus is finding enough food to make transporting it worth while. But are the rhizomorphs you see necessarily alive and active? The 'bootlaces' can persist after the mycelium has retreated.

On 19/11/2020 10:19, Simon Pryce Arboriculture wrote:
Rhizomorphs grow up from roots so negative geotropism wouldn't help them. Like Jim says thay are probably a tiny outlying part of a massive monoclonal organism and as long as it gains more energy from feeding on the dead oak than it expends growing up it that's a gain.


("a specific honey fungus measuring 2.4 miles (3.8 km) across in the Blue Mountains in Oregon is thought to be the largest living organism on Earth." )

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