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Re: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........

Subject: Re: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Nov 19 2020 16:37:57
"but I do wonder what is the evolutionary advantage of.."


I appreciate that arborists are trying to understand the world, which is
good, but I do wonder why arborists are obsessed with evolution. Most of the
things I do have no evolutionary advantage, especially when it comes to
eating and drinking. I know I might get a hangover if I drink too
much....yet, from time to time that's what I evolutionary advantage,
possibly some disadvantage. 


Some want to think that trees and fungi are intelligent organisms, even
"communicating"..the Woodland Trust have a video on line asking how trees
communicate so that they all produce mast at the same time. I
cringed..someone hasn't thought about the weather, I thought.


Trees and fungi do stuff that don't lead to any evolutionary
advantage...girls just wanna have fun...(phade out Cindy Lauper)




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