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Establishing shrubs on site with heavy coastal exposure

Subject: Establishing shrubs on site with heavy coastal exposure
From: Jonathan Astill
Date: Nov 20 2020 09:44:37
Morning all, 


A client of mine would like to establish a belt of coastal shrubs on sandy
loam directly adjacent to a very exposed stretch of south-west facing, low
lying coast in Hampshire and will take a good battering from salt laden
wind. The belt is within a few metres of the high tide line. Suggested
species: Common Gorse, Heather, Sea Buckthorn, Blackthorn and Guelder Rose. 


Whilst the species are all deemed relatively tolerant of this exposure, I am
wondering if the installation of a windbreak netting / mesh on the seaward
side for the first couple of years would benefit the establishment of the
young transplants? Any thoughts or tips from anyone with similar experience
would be welcome. 





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