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RE: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........

Subject: RE: Rhizomorphs do not show intelligence..........
From: Hare, Gareth
Date: Nov 23 2020 10:54:09

(BTW, are you sure your fungus is not whittling away at the marble-hard
heartwood? Fungi break down rock, so heartwood probably wouldn't defeat

Absolutely, they also affect glass which I found out recently to my cost.

I purchased on old but very high quality pair of binoculars which turned out 
to be affected internally by fungal growth. Once the binoculars had been 
cleaned, the imprint of the mycelial ‘fans’ could be seen on the glass 
prisms. The fungi had etched the glass with acid secretions.

Amazing organisms to survive and grow in this kind of environment and doubly 
amazing that trees have evolved to co-exist with such (potentially) 
destructive fellows.


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