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Distractions......articles on tree longevity and tree swaying

Subject: Distractions......articles on tree longevity and tree swaying
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 07 2021 13:29:44
Need a distraction?


This paper on tree longevity is quite interesting but has yet to be
formatted so beware it is 55 pages long if you send it to print.


"On tree longevity": one for people interested in old trees, I think: 


Interesting, because it applies a scientific approach and makes no mention
of yew trees and oak barely get a look in. it contains the words "As a
general, practical rule, which is explained and supported by research
presented in this review, "the largest trees are not the oldest ones",
especially within a species" which should be common sense to professionals
but unfortunately doesn't seem to be where simple measurements of diameter
are used to determine age.


For the mathematically inclined:


"An architectural understanding of natural sway frequencies in trees" 


Some pretty diagrams, but it looks as if it might be hard work to understand
it.I never realised so many authors might be interested in publishing on
this subject.




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