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Tree Lady Talks podcast season 2

Subject: Tree Lady Talks podcast season 2
From: Sharon Durdant-Hollamby
Date: Jan 08 2021 09:22:30
Good morning and happy Friday!

Our next season starts today with Yvonne Lynch about love letters to trees
in Melbourne and planting 7.5million trees in the desert.

We have 15 episodes from last year to catch up on, on matters of tree
health, green infrastructure, veteranisation, growing an environmental
consultancy, being a London Tree Officer, Trees, Art and Literature, Tree
Aid, Woodland Trust and so much more.

Episodes can accessed here and the usual ways

It's free to download on all platforms and smart speaker, no ads and we
are  not trying to promote anything  but ideas.

Want to get involved? Just let me know!

Forthcoming episodes include Tony Kirkham, rewilding play, trees and civil
engineering, Treeconomics and so much more booked in!

kind regards


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