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Re: Water Demand of Photinia

Subject: Re: Water Demand of Photinia
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 08 2021 10:26:15
Whilst Giles Biddle may have been around for the initiation of "water
demand" things have moved on in a variety of ways.


To answer Wayne's question in a round about sort of way, it is an empirical
risk assessment, based on experience & the risk of claims; it is not
strictly "scientific".


Whilst many arborists know of NHBC they may know less about the likes of
LABC and newer comers like Premier Guarantee.  They are competitors for the
same or similar markets. Any similarity between their respective products is
purely coincidental so you will see similarities but you will also see
differences, possibly deliberate differences in part, possibly, so they can
say they have not copied their competitors. The fact that staff have moved
between organisations does make the history of their products a little


What does this have to do with trees? All three  have to specify the depth
of foundations near trees...and their tables are different. I've no time to
spell out these out but they can be quite different. LABC for example group
many more species as low water demand..NHBC can move species between
categories, dependent on their experience of claims.


Just to warn you!


As for Photinia I would treat it like privet in terms of its potential size
i.e. it could be a small tree. That doesn't really answer your question!



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