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Sparassis crispa on Scots pine

Subject: Sparassis crispa on Scots pine
From: Jasper Fulford-Dobson
Date: Jan 14 2021 10:42:17
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Dear collective,

Does anyone have experience of observing Cauliflower fungus on Scots pine 
over a number of years or even better have tomograms or resistance drilling 
measurements they can share (confidentially of course)?

I can think of maybe 3-4 previous times where I have formally recorded this 
particular fungi over a 30 year period and the circumstances did not warrant 
any further investigation. However, yesterday I recorded one on a huge Scots 
pine (d: 116cm & h: 28m), which is within falling distance of two roads and a 
house. The foliage/needle density appeared to be slightly thinning compared 
to a neighbouring Scotty.  Also, I was somewhat surprised to see the fruiting 
mass at this time of year.

I'm sure there will be others out there who have a better understanding of 
this fungi than me and I'd be really grateful for any shared experiences from 
the forum.

Many thanks in advance.

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