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Re: Tree condition and failure assessment study COMMENTS REQUESTED

Subject: Re: Tree condition and failure assessment study COMMENTS REQUESTED
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 18 2021 10:24:50
"Trees are beautiful but they are a bit of a liability," said Bill
Greenwood, city parks director.




The city parks director pithily sums up the situation. If you want 0 risk
you cut lots of trees down; if you are prepared to take a little risk and
have the resources to deal with the "liability" either with insurance or
with your own resources, you can afford to take a bit of a risk.


It is of course a shame that this was not a bog-standard tree but one in
which a "risk" had been identified as causing concern. People had inspected
the tree but decided it could stay. I assume they had judged that the risk
of failure of the tree was minimal taking into account that the target was
well defined with its lean. I assume that if the inspector had had a crystal
ball and known that the risk of failure was significant even in strong winds
and wet soil, the tree might have been removed/pruned or something done to
it to prevent its falling?


Easy for the inspector to judge risk holistically but the family having to
live beneath it is likely to take a very different attitude to risk. Much
likely to be more cautious.


"The city needs to listen to the people of the community, Janine Morse


"We need to be safe in our homes," she said."


Classic undermining of trust!




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