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Re: Heave Risk Assessment

Subject: Re: Heave Risk Assessment
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 20 2021 17:55:02


It's an interesting question. Similarly, one engineer who I have worked with
for some years, asks the question why didn't they have lots of heave claims
after the 1987 storm? (they didn't)


Heave is a comparative rarity; there is very little data on it. A few NHBC
claims for new houses. And of course once a tree has been removed there is
no need to involve an arborist so routinely a claim for heave does not
require an arb to do anything with trees. We may not hear about such claims.


It's the rarity that causes the mystery. A few famous documented cases. Next
time  you go to Windsor Great Park you need to pick up the case documenting
movement in one of the buildings there. 


Cutting a tree down in stages means that no-one has any idea of the history
as the whole process lasts  years rather than months, making life even more
complex. It sounds good but we have no evidence it makes any difference.




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