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Tree Risk-Benefit Management | Zones of High Confluence

Subject: Tree Risk-Benefit Management | Zones of High Confluence
From: David Evans
Date: Feb 10 2021 08:42:37
Next week I'll be releasing the v5.0 upgrades of VALID's tree risk-benefit
management strategies.  In there, we now have a graphic to illustrate what
zones of high confluence are (attached). It's in zones of high confluence
that a duty holder would carry out Passive Assessment day in day out, and
Active Assessment every 5 years.  Here's the accompanying paragraph to
explain what zones of high confluence are.




We're most likely to find any risks that are not Acceptable or Tolerable
where we have a combination of high-use that's not affected by bad weather,
and large trees. We call these 'zones of high confluence' because in tree
risk-benefit language they're where the highest categories of Likelihood of
Occupancy and Consequences merge; Likelihood of Failure being the third risk
component. The highest Likelihood of Occupancy zones are described below.
For the purposes of risk management zoning rather than assessment, the
highest Consequences are trees that have a diameter at breast height of
about 50cm/20in or more.






Acer Ventura

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