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Peer reviewed tree risk management Research Article

Subject: Peer reviewed tree risk management Research Article
From: Jeremy Barrell
Date: Feb 13 2021 16:16:55
I can now confirm that Taylor and Francis have corrected the spelling error 
in the title of the Research Article The implications of recent English legal 
judgments, inquest verdicts, and ash dieback disease for the defensibility of 
tree risk management regimes, and the updated version can be downloaded free 
 Although not a perfect system, the content of peer reviewed articles is 
generally more trustworthy than those we regularly see referenced with no 
such controls.  I had two very astute peer reviewers who made some useful and 
valuable suggestions, and the article is much better for it.  This article 
deals with strategic tree risk management, and I am currently working on the 
next one in the series that will focus on the checking process to help 
inspectors feel more comfortable with the decisions that they make.

Jeremy Barrell
01425 XXXXXX

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