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Jeremy Barrell | Tree Risk Matrix Framework Spectrum

Subject: Jeremy Barrell | Tree Risk Matrix Framework Spectrum
From: David Evans
Date: Feb 14 2021 19:20:33
Hi Michael

<<What a surprise!!!>>

Indeed.  Having sat down and gone through it, I'm genuinely surprised the 
article has been peer-reviewed let alone published in a journal.  It's not 
research.  Some obvious key points of fact don't make sense, even within the 
questionable logic of its own risk ecosystem.  I've sketched them out in the 
attached and described them below.  I'm surprised they weren't picked up in 
the peer review.

Tree Risk Matrix
The article's got a tree risk matrix that doesn’t include the likelihood of 
occupancy.  The matrix has high risk, low risk, and medium risk outputs.

Risk Spectrum
It's got a risk spectrum that has high risk and low risk, but no medium risk.

Risk Frameworks
There are two risk frameworks where low occupancy means low risk, no matter 
how high the likelihood of failure or how high the consequences.

In the risk matrix
High & High = High Risk
High & Low = Medium Risk

Yet, in the risk frameworks, when another 'High' is added to a 'High & Low = 
Medium Risk', the risk is then LOWER.
High & High & Low = Low Risk

And that's before we consider the really important stuff.


Acer Ventura

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