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Tree condition and failure assessment study - Singapore

Subject: Tree condition and failure assessment study - Singapore
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Feb 20 2021 18:40:24
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 Dr Leong noted that with the strengthening of NParks' tree management
regime over the years, the annual number of tree incidents has fallen
from about 3,100 cases in year 2001 to about 420 in 2019 and around 340
cases last year.
Clearly it's an accident I have no details of other than shared already.
No comment from me other than sympathies to family & friends.
However, the article includes the above statement which fascinates me. I
have no idea what an "incident" is, how they are graded and logged but I
would like to know more......whilst our headlines are all focused on the
6 people killed a year, this seems like real statistics on the
interaction of trees on people, infrastructure & property, even if many
of them were trivial, near misses or even not worth the paper used .

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