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Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies | Updates

Subject: Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies | Updates
From: David Evans
Date: Feb 22 2021 08:30:13
This news might interest some of you.

v5.0 of VALID's free basic Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies have been
released under the usual creative commons license (now hyperlinked).  They
can be downloaded from the website here:

The substantial evolution is with the Government and Landowner versions.
The Homeowner one is pretty much the same.

Using the Government Strategy to walk you through the main upgrades:

Is new, and includes a flowchart so you can make sense of the strategy's
structure in one illustration.  The bars and buttons are hyperlinked to take
you to that part of the strategy.

Major updates to the roles of Passive and Active Assessment.  The duty
holder is primarily managing the risk with Passive Assessment in all zones
of use, day in day out.  Active Assessment is secondary.  It's carried out
in zones of high confluence, and when Passive Assessment has triggered a
closer look.  Risk rating limitations (para 34) are explained in detail with
an easy to understand analogy.

Passive Assessment
Now has the lead role because it's the most valuable risk management asset.
The multilayered defence in depth structure of how it works when fully
adopted is explained in greater detail (para 40).

Zones of High Confluence (high use + large trees)
Are more clearly defined in the numbers of traffic, people, and size of
trees.  They're also described so you don't need to measure them (Appendix

Many thanks to those of you on the UKTC who helped this to evolve behind the


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