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A new era of trenching...?

Subject: A new era of trenching...?
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Mar 01 2021 13:29:23
Hello esteemed colleagues (and everyone else),

Not for the first time I'm being asked to comment on the
practicalities of introducing charging points for electric vehicles.
My particular issue is on a site with multiple residential occupancy
within an historic tree population from a previous use.

Apart from the usual (generic) NJUG stuff from years ago, is anyone
out there looking at this pro-actively and with up-to-date
methodologies/technologies that they're willing to share here for the
common good...?

Clearly, this is a 'growth-area' we're all going to have to embrace,
both locally and in a wider context, sooner or later (preferably

I'm interested in any novel suggestions for the best ways forward...?



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