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Post-planning enforcement period tree failures

Subject: Post-planning enforcement period tree failures
From: "john.cooban"
Date: Mar 03 2021 12:04:28

Hello; some questions mainly for Tree Officers, I suppose, prompted by another incidence of post-planning enforcement period failure and/or disappearance of trees just a few more than five years on from completion of development.

1. Why is it that trees that shown on planting (and/or tree protection) plans approved to satisfy planning conditions, shouldn't be subject to an automatic default consideration of TPO status? 2. Is there a difference between a future amenity benefit sought from trees shown on an approved 'landscaping scheme' and the level of amenity necessarily attributable to a tree for a TPO outside the context of a planning development? 3. Shouldn't 'planning' shouldn't be far more discerning regarding the landscape elements of schemes that really merit conditioning for longer term benefit? Does a tree shown on an approved planting plan have only the same status in planning as, say, the daffodil bulb scheduled on the same plan to be planted nearby?

Any answers / thoughts gratefully received.

Kind regards

John Cooban
Crawley, West Sussex.

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