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RE: Height clearance over highway

Subject: RE: Height clearance over highway
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Mar 05 2021 09:30:13
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 Is this for real?
50 years after Britain decimalised its currency and put school science
curricula onto SI units, HSE is quoting in feet and inches? They do
acknowledge however that vehicles might come in odd metre heights.
I am afraid that my Leica Disto doesn't know what a foot or an inch is
(of it does, it is keeping very quiet about it).
As for a practical working height above roads I use 5.5. metres,
acknowledging that wet branches may well be pulled down and wind
inevitably moves thrings around.
The height of a London double decker bus is 4.4 metres & they may have
escape hatches on top; possibly of more significance in tunnels than
under trees.

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