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RE: Ganoderma resinaceum

Subject: RE: Ganoderma resinaceum
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 27 2021 16:19:17
<<Anyone have experience of the way that G resinaceum affects Beech? Is it 
more aggressive than on oak?>>

Hi Jerry

My tuppenceworth.

Might a better question be the way G resinaceum affects functional wood of 
any species?

The answer to that is it doesn't.

Basidiomycetes aren't 'aggressive'.

<<Is it less likely to promote buttress growth?>>

Buttress growth development is down to wind loading and vitality, not the 
decay fungus.

<<Is it more likely to cause a beech to fall over?!>>

No more or less than any other decay fungus.


Acer Ventura

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