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RE: [EXTERNAL] Ganoderma resinaceum

Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] Ganoderma resinaceum
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 27 2021 16:25:01
<<Schwarze, Engles and Mattheck describe its colonisation strategies as 
variable in different species but generally it is a root decay fungi and, is 
faster and more aggressive due to its proteins and enzymes being able to 
break through barrier zones and digest both lignin and cellulose.>>

Hi Ron

Isn't the basis for this made on 'in vitro' studies?

What's was being analysed in them is the ability of a fungus to colonise 
sterilized wood in laboratory conditions.  Given the research of Lynne Boddy 
and her colleagues, we know this isn't what's happening 'in vivo', where it 


Acer Ventura

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