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Re: Italian ancient protected trees in the National Geographic

Subject: Re: Italian ancient protected trees in the National Geographic
From: Russ Carlson
Date: Sep 13 2021 19:34:56
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I found this on AbeBooks:

Gr.4° - 2 Volumes 304 + 303pp - color & B/w Photo-reproductions by Lucio
Bortolotti. The Monumental Trees of Italy volume one: The South and the
Island, volume two: The Centre and Noth. First edition, text in Italian
and English language. Original Binding, original Dust-jacket and Original
Slipcase. In Fine condition. Seller Inventory # 14292

It implies that the text is both Italian and English. One page showed
used prices as low as £18 +shipping. They are out of stock. Can we
suspect someone(s) on this list bought them all up already? :)

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On 9/13/21 7:16 AM, Jon Heuch wrote:

  Your abebooks url didn't work for me but I hope this should work:
  mind you nowadays, with google maps you can do a lot from your PC:
  but you might need do something to get to use this with all the google
  tricks of street view.

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